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New signup first charge event

First charge 10+3 ,20+6, 30+9, 40+12, 50+15

Customers can receive up to KRW150,000 won in bonuses for the deposit amount.

The withdrawal must meet the rolling requirements of 5 times (500%) when using the casino, which is the sum of the deposit amount and the bonus paid.

Individual rolling commission

Real-time accumulation and 0.5% batting regardless of winning or losing

In the same way as offline casinos, we will pay the rolling commission (fee) of the members’ betting money

Please contact us through real-time consultation for this event.

Attendance check event every Monday

If more than KRW100,000 won is deposited a day, KRW30,000 won per day for 4days, KRW30,000 won for 5days, KRW40,000 won for 6days, and KRW50,000 won for 7days

This event will be paid every Monday after the verification process required for the attendance check bonus payment is completed only to customers who apply

Applications can be made from 00:00 to 23:59 on Mondays, and customers who do not apply will automatically disappear.* Requests must be made through real-time consultation

An Overview of South Korea’s Online Baccarat Scene and Some Essential Tips

Baccarat, one of the top casino games in the world, is a card game that many gambling aficionados prefer to engage in since it’s easy to play, fun, relaxing, and everything in between. In fact, it has become extremely attractive to the general gambling population, especially in recent years. That’s because in the past, it was a game that was exclusively played by the upper-class. With this stereotype gone, baccarat became more accessible to the masses.   

Eventually, baccarat found its way to the Eastern Asian nation of South Korea, injecting a sense of excitement to its gaming community.

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Name Pics

Baccarat game: The Korean Influence

Compared to other nations, it’s safe to say that the industry of casino games that include baccarat is relatively new in South Korea since it was only in 1967 when gambling was legalized for foreigners and the first casino where its citizens can legally play was opened in 2000. Despite this, and the limited number of casinos in the country, its popularity continues to rise. 

Why not? The fun and excitement that a baccarat game delivers is unmatched. To many, engaging in the game can be likened to paid entertainment. They play, they have fun with their friends, indulge in friendly conversations, and meet new people, among others. 

The popularity of baccarat in South Korea did not end there. That’s because the prevalence of the Internet, took the level of popularity a notch higher. Due to this phenomenon, online gaming websites such as Rolling Casino became a fad. Why not? It delivers the mentioned qualities without compromising fun, security, and so on. 

Online Baccarat in South Korea:

Bear in mind that in South Korea, the government doesn’t permit casino gambling unless it’s done in Kangwon Land Casino. But online casinos that offer online baccarat and other games have gained popularity because they offer a healthy alternative to casino gambling since they don’t require players to be physically present. 

This advantage, however, has paved the way to a double-edged effect since on the one hand, online baccarat has indeed offered a sense of convenience and enjoyment that’s unlike any other. On the other hand, it has pretty much contributed to the prevalence of deceitful and fraudulent entities. As such, finding a safe baccarat site becomes essential.

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Finding a Safe Baccarat Site

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Not all baccarat sites are created equal. In line with this, it’s best to practice caution beforehand. Some of the factors that you should consider are elaborated below: 

Check baccarat site reviews

Before signing up for an online platform that you think is a safe baccarat site, you need to check the reviews that were given by other players. In general, individuals who play via the Internet share their experiences by means of reviews. By seriously checking them and taking note of the details, you can decide if a particular site is worth your time, money, and effort. 

Also, bear in mind that in your search for a safe baccarat site, it’s best to scrutinize for instances of fraud or cheating, reputation on paying out wins, and other issues. Who knows? You may even encounter players who have ongoing disputes with the online gaming entity that you’re looking to sign up for. This way, you can rest assured that your online experience is going to be as enjoyable as it can be.

Check the baccarat site license, permit, and other requirements

Operating an online casino is not a walk in the park.  There are tons of paperwork, requirements, and operational steps that need to be fulfilled beforehand. Some of the most notable ones include a global gambling license, bank accounts, a legally-owned domain, payment gateways, game providers, accredited hardware as well as software, and so on. 

Do research regarding the aforementioned requirements because a safe baccarat site makes sure that they are met while their fraudulent and non-verified counterparts don’t. That being said, if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash, you must exert effort to ensure that the website that you are looking to play on is properly licensed. This is where Rolling Casino comes in, by signing up, you don’t have to worry about rigged games, identity theft, and the like. 

In addition to all these, it pays to check online baccarat site recommendation entities. That is because with so many online baccarat site companies out there, not only will you become a bit overwhelmed, but you may also become prone to fraud due to the prevalence of shady individuals who prey on baccarat game enthusiasts.

Bear in mind that the incidents of identity theft, phishing, and other untoward incidents have drastically increased over the past years. In line with this, it is best to check online baccarat site recommendation sites that can help check the credibility as well as reputability of a particular online baccarat site.

Baccarat site recommendation entities can help you find a safe baccarat site that not only ensures that your personal information are not compromised, but also allows you to find that online baccarat site that is backed by exciting gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, fair baccarat rules, and so on.

Check baccarat site customer support

Generally, the customer support department of a baccarat site acts as an information system. Simply put, it gives different kinds of assistance as well as clarification to website visitors or players in whatever they find confusing or difficult. 

In line with this, bear in mind that customer support tasks are not as simple as answering queries such as how to bet on baccarat. It’s the role of the customer support representative to relay the right information regarding them and other information such as withdrawal procedures, deposits, and the like. That being said, make sure that the website where you want to sign up for and therefore play on has an existing and highly-trained team of customer support representatives.

Best if the safe baccarat site has online baccarat site mobile support

In today’s society, many spend countless hours on their mobile phones. Doing just about anything from social media, to shopping, to banking, connecting with friends, and gambling online. 

Because of the important role that mobile phones play in our society, it is safe to say that the mobile online gambling sector is one of the fastest-growing components of the whole online gambling industry. In fact, over the past years, online baccarat site entities drastically invested in mobile phone technology (iOS and Android). And because of this, there is a tremendous growth and development with regard to this aspect.

That being said, the online baccarat companies are going to offer the ability on your mobile device via an app that can be downloaded or played directly on a mobile-friendly website. Support for mobile devices made online baccarat and other games more convenient since it allows you to play your favorite game as long as you have a reasonable Internet connection.

Check baccarat site deposit options

Deposit options are other factors that you need to consider when choosing a baccarat site platform, which oftentimes include Paypal and credit cards. In line with this, you want to ensure that your winnings can be easily withdrawn. Otherwise, you may have a hard time obtaining your winnings. That being said, you need to check with your bank or the baccarat site customer support department. Along the way, ask if you need to pay extra fees to obtain them. 

Check the promos and bonuses that are offered

As mentioned earlier, many baccarat site platforms offer rewards and bonuses to their players. However, bear in mind that not all of them are beneficial. That being said, before signing up, it’s best to ask yourself: “What’s in it for me?” Remember, not all online baccarat promos and bonuses are created equal. Some are going to complement your needs, preferences, budget, etc., while some won’t.

Check for affordability

You may encounter a number of baccarat sites that claim to be a safe baccarat site and in the process, provide several free games. This is not always the case, because many of them offer free games, but through online baccarat site demo modes. Also, some may request for a deposit to access certain games and in the process place bets. 

Before doing so, it’s best to check security features to ensure that the platform that you’re looking to sign up for is safe and secure. Better yet, it’s best to go for an entity that allows full-fledged gaming selections without requiring you to deposit a significant amount. 

Check user experience

User experience that is complemented by convenience of use is a popular buzzword nowadays. You don’t want to spend several minutes trying to look for your favorite online baccarat game or waiting for the page to load. With these things in mind, it’s best to go for a baccarat site that has an exceptional user experience. 

Along the way, take note of the smoothness of function, soundtrack and sound effects, and even the attention to detail of the online baccarat site. Without the said elements, the games are amateur at best and fraudulent at worst. 

Check slot game limits of the online baccarat site

In general, a safe online casino that offers live baccarat, slots, and others does not limit its slot games. This way, it can attract more customers who are willing to spend all out. However, some shady companies put in withdrawal limits, which prevents you from getting your full winnings. With this in mind, it’s best to check the slot game limits and withdrawal guidelines before signing up. This way, you can get your winnings minus the hassle, which can be handy, especially in the event of a big win. 

Don’t go For Commission-free Baccarat

When playing online baccarat, you already know how to bet on baccarat and know the basics of baccarat rule. But make sure to practice caution and do not get too excited at the news that there is a safe baccarat site that does not charge commission rates. That is because there is a caveat that you should not neglect: the payout of the banker is simply adjusted. Because of the adjustment, the commission is eliminated. However, because of this development, the house edge becomes lower than the conventional house edge.

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Baccarat rules: Knowing the Basics

Now that you’ve signed up on a safe and trustworthy site, it’s time to become proficient on baccarat rules. By doing so, you don’t have to ask yourself, how to win the baccarat game or how to bet on baccarat? Because by knowing the rules to the fullest, you can develop your own strategies that can increase your chances of winning. Strategies that you can use in physical baccarat, online baccarat, and live baccarat, among others. Here are some basic baccarat rules that you should consider.

  • The most basic of baccarat rules are betting on a particular hand that’s going to be completed before the hand begins. The baccarat game starts with two cards going to be dealt to each of two hands: the player hand and the bank hand. 
  • The objective of a baccarat game is to predict which of the hand is going to obtain a total that is closest to the number 9. This is achieved by betting on the player hand, the bank hand, or else wagering on that round is going to end as a tie. 
  • When calculating any hand total, all “face” cards and tens come with a value of zero, an ace comes with a value of one, and the remaining cards are scored according to their face value.
  • If any hand scores higher than 9, the score is going to be adjusted by subtracting 10 from its original total.
  • It should be noted that house rules vary, and the online baccarat entity is the one that decides whether or not the bank or player hands can draw a third card. In any event, there are always a maximum of three cards available for any of the mentioned hands.

How to win the Baccarat game with the right strategies

On top of mastering baccarat rules, you can increase your chances of winning by employing tried, tested, and straightforward baccarat strategies. Some of them are elaborated below:

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  • Bet with the banker 

    Betting with the banker is a strategy to win at baccarat. Even elementary research efforts are going to tell you that the banker bet is arguably your best option when it comes to online baccarat or live baccarat. When you use the banker bet, you’re wagering that the banker’s hand has a better score than that of the player. Also, because the banker bet offers arguably the best odds of winning, many seasoned as well as new baccarat players often treat it as a strategy to win at baccarat. This, in an effort to cut down the house edge.
  • Bet on the player

    Do not underestimate the player bet as a strategy to win at baccarat. Just because the banker boasts of a higher chance of winning and in the process, say, negating the house edge, it does not mean that other aspects of the gameplay are not important. In fact, many opt for the player bet as their default option if they are utilizing betting systems. 

    Bear in mind that there are analytical proofs that there are instances when the player performs poorly due to the commission when a betting system such as Fibonacci, Martingale, or Labouchere is utilized. 

    That is because the aforementioned online baccarat site strategies bank on miniature gains that are accumulated over an extended period. Putting the said factors into consideration, you should seriously consider avoiding a bet that is inherently handicapped, to say the least. Instead, hone your betting skills, by researching how to bet on baccarat; eventually, you can experience drastic improvements with constant practice.

    All in all, the player bet is a good baccarat strategy that can help you through when playing with strategies. And because of this, you should make it a point to study and understand various aspects of the game and not just place all your trust in the banker bet. 

  • Continually bet on the banker or the player 

    This particular online baccarat strategy is ideal if you’re a beginner who wants to play for extended periods, minus the losing streak. With this particular baccarat strategy, you are going to wager the same amount on the banker or the player. On top of playing longer than expected, there’s a chance that you are going to win a modest amount along the way.
  • Don’t make the tie bet 

    Online baccarat comes with very low house edges on two of its three bets: the banker, the player, and the tie. In general, the banker has a 1.06% house edge, the player 1.24 house edge, and the tie bet 14.4%. Putting the said factors into consideration, it’s quite obvious why you shouldn’t make the tie bet.
  • Try a Positive Progressive Baccarat Strategy

    In simple terms, a progressive betting strategy is an approach that is based on a simple thought that every win that you achieve in a game needs to be accompanied by an increase on the next bet that you place. 

    Here, you are going to hope to achieve a, say, sense of balance where your losses are not going to outweigh your winnings and where a winning streak that is based on luck is going to pull you far ahead. And to the point that you are going to walk from the baccarat game, a winner.

  • Try a Negative Progressive Baccarat Strategy

    The negative progressive baccarat strategy is a baccarat site recommendation strategy that is encouraged by many. In this particular strategy, you assume that a loss is going to occur. When indeed it does, you need to double your bet. However, if you lose again, you need to double your bet again until you win. 

    Obviously, this baccarat strategy is a bit risky and it works since it allows you to regain the money that you lost and default a baseline bet. If properly executed, it can help you generate profit, especially in the long run. 

    However, there is a caveat: the weakness of this strategy is that the baccarat rule states that there are table limits. That being said, there is going to be a time that you are going to encounter a betting threshold and in the process, you are going to lose a substantial amount. Many baccarat site recommendation personnel know this that is why many are reluctant to encourage such a baccarat strategy. 

    In the end, a negative progressive baccarat strategy is a high-risk, high reward strategy that is worth trying. This, whether it is going to be done in an online baccarat or live baccarat game.

  • Try a flat progressive bet baccarat strategy

    Simply put, a flat progressive baccarat strategy does not come with scaling bets. Rather, you are going to bet the same amount again and again. How to bet on baccarat in a strategy like this? You ask. Well, you simply need to wager on what you think is the most winnable baccarat game table.

    In line with this, it is important to note that there are a lot of similarities between online baccarat site games or live baccarat games. However, if you encounter a version or table that offers slightly higher winnings or charges no or low commissions on banker bets, then you should seriously consider that one. 

    The primary advantage of the flat betting system is it never demands players to increase wager and in the process risk losing profits in a jiffy. This is not the case when it comes to positive progressive baccarat strategy and negative progressive strategy since their inherent flaws are they have a high chance of rapidly depleting your bankroll. Sometimes, in a heartbeat. 

    On the other hand, with a flat strategy, you may not instantly see your gains, but the good thing is that you can extend your play time and minimize the risk of ending your baccarat game in a big loss. In the end, you are going to enjoy your session in a safe baccarat site minus the fuss. 

Wondering What’s a Strategy to Win at Baccarat? Consider These Factors

Bear in mind that card games always come with a certain degree of chance. Baccarat, whether casino baccarat or online baccarat, is no different. And despite employing a strategy to win at baccarat, there are going to be times that you cannot prevent a negative outcome. 

This does not mean though that you simply throw away your go-to baccarat strategy or the basics of the baccarat rule. It simply means that there are certain strategies that you need to keep in mind that may allow you to improve your odds of winning. All, without compromising fun, enjoyment, and basically everything in between. And, if you push the right buttons and make the right moves, you can also be awarded financially. 

  • Bet Banker’s When Playing Without a Baccarat System

This is just a reiteration of what was mentioned in the previous paragraphs. That is because, as mentioned earlier, the banker’s bet comes with a commission that you want to avoid if you are using a betting system: flat, progressive, or negative. 

So, stick to banker bets if you want to make the most of the house edge. This is a simple and practical strategy that can translate to great gains if you push the right buttons and make the right moves.

  • The Best Bet Does Not Exist 

When betting, it is best to choose the best possible option and what you want to achieve. In line with this, if your goal is to nullify the house edge and in the process, continue betting on the banker regardless of the commission, this may be your best option. For any kind of baccarat strategy, it would be best to opt for the player bet. Simply put, the best bet is relative. 

  • Don’t Go For Hot Tables, Don’t Go For Illusions

A lot of times, the biggest baccarat strategy flaws are those that we imagine. However, a significant number of players have the tendency to place their hopes on anything, but hard truths. Those that may cost them a significant amount of cash. 

The air of nonchalance may work in movies or experienced high rollers, but for baccarat and online baccarat aficionados, avoiding common gambling fallacies is a way better choice. 

A couple of popular ones include “illusions of control” or “near misses,” where you can achieve a false sense of influencing the outcome of the game. That is where lady luck is going to do her thing. However, you need to develop the ability to properly react during unpredictable circumstances. 

  • Don’t Take a Loss Seriously And Just Have Fun

Losses are inevitable in a baccarat game, regardless if you are going to play it in an actual casino or a baccarat site. This is most true also even if you are well-versed in baccarat rule or have your tried and tested baccarat strategy. But what matters is how you are going to react to a loss. 

Are you going to continue playing or walk away? Regardless of your choice, it is always a good idea to not to take it too personally. Simply put, you just don’t have emotions to get the best of you by means of doubling up after a failed bet; unless of course, it is a part of your strategy. 

Also, unless you are playing baccarat as a profession, playing baccarat on a baccarat site or casino should be limited to a number of sessions to feel good and play for fun. If the fun stops, stop playing and play again after a day or two. 

  • Card-counting May Not be Worth it

There are certain strategies that can boost the chances of winning baccarat, but it is safe to say that when it comes to online baccarat, card counting is not a strategy to win at baccarat

Yes. Card counting is a good strategy at live baccarat at land-based casinos, but it takes time to learn and it may not necessarily translate to success in the online baccarat realm. 

But if you want to explore opportunities in card counting and you have the time; then by all means, do so. Do not just push it when playing on an online baccarat site. It is going to be a waste of time since here, the decks are immediately shuffled after each dealing. 

  • Play With Less Decks

Is picking games with fewer decks a strategy to win at baccarat? The quick answer is an astounding yes. Fewer decks, oftentimes translate to a lower variability of potential cards. Again, the success rate of this approach is higher in live baccarat facilities since luck plays a more significant role in online baccarat. 

Online Baccarat Site Practical Tips: How to Handle Your Bankroll

On top of employing strategies, you also need to develop money management skills. Which means that you need to handle your bankroll in the most effective and efficient way possible. If you are asking yourself “how to win the baccarat game?” then honing your management ability is something that you should not neglect. 

That said, if you are looking for easy-to-follow tips on how you can stretch your bankroll and in the process, boost your chances of winning. Yes. As straightforward as it may seem, it is a strategy to win Baccarat. Read on for details. 


  • Stick win or loss limits and stick to them

As the saying goes: “Every good thing comes to an end.” Including your baccarat winning streak. Imagine this: You have mastered baccarat rule guides, followed different baccarat site recommendation tips, and you are winning. Despite this, it is best to set win limits when playing in a safe baccarat site.

That is because setting win limits can protect your bankroll and, along the way, sharpen your baccarat strategy. In line with this, bear in mind that baccarat bets, regardless if it is at a safe baccarat site or otherwise, come with a house advantage. With this in mind, you are bound to lose. This is where a limit comes in handy. You should immediately stop when you reach it; that way, you lock in your winnings and enjoy your online baccarat experience to the fullest. 

For example, your win limit is set at KRW 250,000 and you start with a bankroll of the same amount, you should stop if you hit a total of KRW 500,000 or a figure close to that. Just stop playing and do something else and play again the next day. The same goes to losses, set a limit and stick to it. 

  • Breakdown Your Bankroll 

The odds of winning can be heightened if you play several online baccarat site games. That being said, each game should have its own bankroll. This is true, regardless if you are playing in an online baccarat site or actual casinos.


For instance, if you set aside about KRW 125,000 for your baccarat game–out of your KRW 500,000–make sure to checkout as soon as your balance hits KRW 400,000. Likewise, you can play in sessions of different timelines. Again, each session should have its corresponding bankroll limit, win limit, and loss limit.

  • Don’t Do All-in Bets

When it comes to online baccarat, how to win the baccarat game sometimes depends on the bet that you are going to make. So, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Remember, your bankroll is your capital and it should last long enough for you to experience gains. 

Yes. It is contrary to what is portrayed in movies, but take note that going all-in is a really bad idea. Cut the narrative. Remember, there is no luxury in losing your bankroll in just one go! Again, it is a bad idea. 

  • Wager house-edge bets that are lower than the regular

In a baccarat game on a safe baccarat site, your first choice should be betting with the banker. That is because betting on the hand comes with an advantage, which usually comes in the form of a house edge of about 1.06%. 

Putting the said factor into consideration, you should make it a point to shun away from tie bets as much as possible. That is because they have a high house advantage: somewhere within the, say, 14% range. 

Another option to consider is betting on the player hand since it has a Return to Player (RTP). 

  • Baccarat Bonuses: The Importance of Reading The Fine Print

It is possible to play at a generous casino to deposit a bonus to stack your bets and, in the process, accumulate large sums of money, minus the risk. If you play in an online baccarat site and in the process, double your bonus several times in a row without risking your hard-earned cash, then you could really win online baccarat and probably even live baccarat minus or with minimal risk. 

You are probably hyped with your winnings. However, did you read the terms and conditions? That is because you might be disappointed if you realize the terms and conditions dictate that you cannot withdraw your winnings, otherwise you could lose your winnings and your bonus as well.

Remember, it pays to extensively read the terms and conditions before playing. This, even if you are playing in a reputable online baccarat site that has passed various baccarat site recommendation entities. After all, you can never be sure.

  • Do Not Underestimate the Element of Luck

Regardless of your baccarat strategy, your grasp of different baccarat rules, composure to live baccarat pressure, and so on, there are just instances when lady luck is not going to be denied. That is  because baccarat and other casino games involve a ton of luck. And anyone who plays a baccarat game whether it is live baccarat or online baccarat knows that just knowing how to win the baccarat game is just not enough. 

In the end, no matter what strategy to win at baccarat you use, do not forget lady luck is still in charge. Gamblers who have a grasp of the baccarat game know that lady luck is either with you or against you. And there are just times when lady luck is going to reign supreme. 

Putting the said factor into consideration, if you have been playing a few games and you are still not winning, then it is best if you walk away and call it a day. Also, trust your gut instinct even if you are not an experienced gambler, but more so if you are. It is probably your subconsciousness telling you that lady luck is not around. 

Sign up with Rolling Casino and enjoy online baccarat to the fullest

This is a bird’s eye view of the online baccarat scene in South Korea. Bear in mind that online baccarat, like other online casino games, have become extremely popular nowadays and it’s no wonder it has found its way to South Korea.

Yes, all forms of baccarat: physical, online, and live baccarat, among others, are based on luck. However, it’s important to note that there are so many things to keep in mind so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest. The long list includes knowing the rules, developing strategies, and of course, finding a safe baccarat site in the mold of Rolling Casino. 

That being said, it’s best to sign up with Rolling Casino to enjoy your online baccarat endeavor to the fullest and without worrying about identity theft incidents, cybersecurity issues, and the like. Bear in mind that what makes the said entity a cut above the rest is the fact that it delivers security, credibility, responsibility, and the like. 

On top of these, you can be rest assured that Rolling Casino is not like other baccarat site platforms out there that offer games just for sheer quantity and not quality. 

How To Play Baccarat

What is Baccarat? This card game enables you to have two or three cards. If you’ve got the winning hand, you’ll get the higher score. This game of chance has no strategy involved. This is traced back to a traditional high roller game. While its recent versions cater to more gamblers playing for the lower stakes.

Baccarat is played with a wager placed on the hand of a player, the hand of a banker, and a tie. When all of the bets are placed properly, the dealer will then deal with two cards to the banker and player sides of the table. The cards will be added up in that manner.

How to Win at Baccarat

There are always betting systems that can complement your baccarat strategy. These are perfectly added eliminating the bet & betting with the banker.


This is a common system introduced in adjusting the bets in casino games. This works like a charm playing other table games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps.

This system is employed in FX trading, investment vehicles, and securities calling for profit expectancy in the long term. It’s Paul Pierre Levy who devised it. This works by borrowing from the Mean Revision theory. This says that the asset prices and historical returns revert to a mean or long-term average.

In this game, the system will assume the payout will get closer to the bet’s RTP. It’s simply understood as a particular hand expected to win at some point. When going down the brass tacks, the Martingale system required you to double down the next wager. This is if your last bet is lost.

For instance, you have placed a ten-dollar bet on the Bank Hand. Then, it loses. You should then put a twenty-dollar wager next to the same hand. This means to say that you should continue until finally winning. If ever you lose 20-dollars, you must double it to 40-dollars on the subsequent bet. This means to say four times the original wager.

If you win, you’ll take your winnings. You may revert them to the original bet. If your forty-dollar wager wins on the Banker, you must then return to the original ten-dollar bet.

The concept here is that you’ll win the biggest bet of the cycle. This system has a one-hundred percent success rate in the end.

One more advantage of this strategy is that anyone can use it. It works well in almost any condition. If you have no infinite bankroll and the sportsbook or casino has no wager limits, it’s when this strategy is consistently profitable.

It’s just needed to be good for the money. This is the best betting strategy for a winner like you. But it’s likely that losing 5 or 6 games in a row may sound unlikely. But, know that it just happens all the time. It is inevitable losing streaks. Make a serious profit with this strategy. Be prepared with a huge bankroll riding out all the losing streaks.

4 suits logos - online baccarat

This strategy is somehow the opposite of the Martingale system. This is referred to by some texts as the Reverse Martingale system. This is used dating back to the sixteenth century in Italy. This is leveraged as Basset on a card game.

This is effective when it comes to betting on roulette, baccarat, & more other bets like Sic Bo, Craps, and Pai Gow poker.

This simply dictates doubling your bet when you win. This is until finally, you lose. The main goal of this system is in gaining three wins in a row.

Here are the examples:

Step One. Bet ten-dollar on the Player Hand until finally, winning. Double it to 20-dollars & if you lose, just go back to step number 1. You may just proceed to step number two.

Step Two. Bet twenty-dollar until finally, you win. And then, bet 40-dollars. Return to step 1 if you lose. Now if you win, just double it again. Bet 80-dollars.

Step Three. Bet eighty dollars until finally, you win. Return to step 1 if you lose. Now if you win, return to step #1.

This will continue until you lose and win three times in a row. The circle will then begin anew.

This online casino mainly requires players to register. This is to best gain access to the features. The process is just simple and very fast. Lots of payment methods can be used in making withdrawals and deposits. Even cryptocurrencies are included as well.

There’s nothing to worry about this betting system since it’s reliable and safe. Welcome bonuses wait to greet all of the newly registered players. They will be rewarded in their first deposits.

The minimum deposit amount before claiming the deposit bonuses is twenty dollars. This will come with the bonus code G1. Players have just to enter it before depositing. The second deposit has a bonus code of G2. The code for the 3rd bonus is G3.

In this betting system, the amount to bet right after a loss is influenced by the Fibonacci sequence. This is a sequence of a natural number wherein the next number progressing is determined by the sum of two numbers.

In this sequence, it looks like one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four, fifty-five, and more.

This requires a great deal of math going into this strategy. There’s no need to become a math guru in putting this into practice. In each bet you lose, you’ll increase it then on the next wager. This will continue until finally hitting a win.

The idea behind increasing your bet is to keep making a bigger bet despite the losses. You’ll end up winning back the 2 losing bets. For instance, you win a ten-dollar bet on the Player‘s hand. After losing the first 2 wagers, your third bet will be three times the original wager. If in the third bet, you win, you’ll then get thirty dollars. You’ll have won back what is lost in the first 2 wagers.

If the losing streak results in 3 in a row, your 4th wager will be fifty-dollar or five times the original bet. If a lady luckily dances and you win the 4th round, you’ll receive fifty-dollar of winnings. This is the sum of the last 2 losing hands.

This strategy is useful on even bets that pay one for one. That makes it suitable for baccarat. Now to set this system up, it’s required writing down a series of numbers. It’s up to you making up any series. It’s easier if you’ll pick an odd number of the numbers. You may choose for two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty, and thirty.

Now, place even money bet in the middle number of the series. It’s the first bet that is the eight units. Step up in the next bet after winning. But if you lose, you may go down 1 step for the next bet. If you win the highest number, or lose the lowest number, just stop the series. Start it over. That’s how simple it is.

This method will allow you of playing for a long time. You still could bet with a small amount of money.

What is Baccarat?

Overview, Origin, History of Baccarat

It’s simply that Baccarat is among the oldest type of casino games. Its name originated in Italy meaning to say, zero. Now in this casino game, all jacks, tens, queens, & kings have a zero value. The same also applies to any hand totaling zero. A hand of 7 & 3 makes 0. This is why it’s called baccarat.

It’s indeed amazing for its aura of sophistication & elegance. This game was once featured in so many James Bond movies. A lot of land-based casinos are hosting real-money baccarat in private rooms. This is wherein hundreds to thousands of dollars change hands in just a single play.

There’s no need to follow a stuffy dress code or become a millionaire. This classic casino game is just so enjoyable. Visit your favorite online casino. Choose the baccarat gaming option. Feel excited & overwhelmed like a VIP. This is where you can wager as little as one dollar per hand.

Historical sources claimed that the term Baccarat is derived from zero, an Italian word. Some arguments also existed regarding the origin of the game. Based on the popular Baccarat version, it’s Felix Falguiere that invented it. He is a famed gambler in Italy. It’s also once played with using Tarot cards.

The once-most powerful ruler of France, King Louis XIV also banned all sorts of gambling. He decreased the interest of people in such games. It did bring an opposite effect. It became more popular followed by the Chemmy widespread.

While it’s dated that the game began in the 1400s, still it’s in the 19th century that it gained popularity in Europe. It was also popular among the royalties in France.

As discussed, Baccarat is a game played in Europe in the nineteenth century. Another variation is then preferred. It’s the Chemin de Fer variation that prevailed in Europe. But then, it was Punto Banco that is the most played variation in the United Kingdom. It’s the English variation that rose in popularity in the United States. It’s called American Baccarat.

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While it remained popular in France, it also became widespread in the high rollers. This is since the most passionate players were interested in it. They made huge and single bets.

Many Baccarat versions then emerged afterward. Only a few of them became popular in the past few years. Some of the Baccarat versions played include Baccarat Banquet, Punto Banco, & Chemin de Fer.

The most popular variations in the United States are the Mini Baccarat & the Punto Banco. This is wherein players can bet on 1 out of 3 possible outcomes. The former one is popular being a variation.

Its popularity led to the invention of the Mini Baccarat. Simplified rules and low table limits attracted the mass players. And now, one can already enjoy the Baccarat game. This is even if they just have an average size of bankroll. As with the huge table of Baccarat versions, they indeed have high table limits. This is why they’re a preferred option of high rollers. The Mini-Baccarat tables also somehow have reasonable limits.

With the Mini Baccarat games online, the American rules are also usually followed. The random number generator holds responsibility for the equal chance of winning and the fairness of the game by the participants.

Even some casinos are offering baccarat games in a live dealership. This is wherein you’ll interact with a croupler. You’ll monitor how the game action is unfolding.

And today, Baccarat is found in almost any brick & mortar casino all around the world. The Chemin de Fer went through some significant rule changes. It’s now called European Baccarat.

The game is then brought to the United States. Its variation was introduced as a combination of Chemin de Fer and European Baccarat. With the significant changes implemented in the rules, it remained appealing to players coming from high social classes and high rollers.