Roulette Game Variations

Roulette is an easy & simple game to learn. It doesn’t require you to have specific skills to play it & make huge winnings. It requires you to pick up a number, choose a row or color, & turn the tables in your favour. After crossing the initial learning stage, playing an online roulette game opens you up to more live dealer games and online casinos.

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Roulette Type

In the land-based casinos, two or three roulette tables can be seen. In online casinos, there’s no restriction. Dozens of roulette tables are often featured that you can join. The roulette games available might have a small difference in the layout or basic rules of the game. These differences affect the house’s edge. It’s essential to be familiar with the aspects of roulette titles, their meaning, and the way to choose the best roulette game for your taste.

Classic Variations

Three of the classic variations of the game include French Roulette, European Roulette, & American Roulette. The first two are the same disregarding their differences in the table layout. Plus, the French Roulette has one more rule of returning half of your losing even-money bet. This is in the case that a ball landed on zero. This is also referred to as double-zero roulette.

These main game types impact the house edge. Choosing the right roulette game makes a difference in the final result of the gaming sessions. The table layout differences bring more betting opportunities. Thus, you’ll apply the strategy more efficiently.

Modern Variations

The innovative variants in online-based casinos are found on the internet. The roulette variants have different layouts, betting options, settings, & graphical appearance than the classic ones.

The samples of these games include NewAR roulette, multi-wheel roulette, mini roulette, monopoly roulette, video roulette, double ball roulette, key bet roulette, London live roulette, and many more.

Some variations have different options and rules, & feature progressive jackpots. They are popular among fans. With luck, you may win huge amounts of money. Some of them are categorized with what type of staker player you are. That’s also with how big your bet is willing to place.

Live Dealer or RNG Games

>Live dealer or RNG games are among the classifications of roulette games. Roulette variations found on the internet are RNG. They make use of random number generators in determining the result of a spin. The games also have online interfaces & are highly customizable.

While the live dealer games to play online are hosted by real human dealers. They can be observed by a video stream. Interact as well via chat.

Design, Options, & Settings

Some differences are observed between the roulette games to play online without affecting the house edge. They’re worth of trying in enhancing your experience. You may even personalize the way the games function & look.

Among the characteristics roulette has to include: hot or cold numbers, change table colors, betting range, camera views, interface, history, statistics, change wheel direction, & called bets option.

Review the game first before planning to play. That’s considering the mentioned characteristics. This way, you will secure a great experience. The most significant ones are the announced bets and betting range. It’ll help to know the hot or cold numbers and statistics.

Fairness of the Games

It’s very easy & convenient to play roulette games on the internet. Nevertheless, how will you know they are fair? The casino must offer real money roulette games after being licensed by a gambling commission. Even before receiving the license, operators are required in undergoing audits of the casino software.

FAQ’s Answered

Here are frequently asked questions and the answers on roulette you might want to know about.

  • What is the Roulette Game working mechanism?

The roulette wheel has its number series of one to thirty-six, 1 to 2 colored zeros, often green in color. On top of the wheel is where the ball is spun. This continues inside the wheel & sits on numbers in the series. If you place a bet on a properly numbered pocket, you win thirty-five times the bet.

All of the numbers and zeros are found in the roulette table layout. The player can place a bet on as many numbers & propositions as they like to. This is how the game of roulette works. This is why this is largely played at most casinos around the world.

  • Do you think betting systems work in a roulette game?

No. Betting systems don’t work in a roulette game. This is a game of luck wherein the winning number is random. The result of a spin is not related to the result of the last spin. It’s difficult to determine the next number on the roulette wheel.

  • How many online roulette game types are there?

Two variations of online roulette game types are available in online casinos. These include the European & American roulette. The difference between the two is the zeros on the roulette wheels. A single zero is common with the European variant. A double zero is common with the American version.

  • What online casinos are good to play roulette?

A range of online casinos can be found on the internet. It can be quite hard to select the right one. For one, you have different gambling needs. This is true in terms of promos, bonuses, casino cash games, banking conditions, and methods. But when you search for the top casino, Pure Casino & LeoVegas make your best bets.

  • What etiquettes to follow when playing for live casino roulette?

Among the etiquettes to remember when playing live casino roulette include not getting too drunk and not being too loud as it may annoy the dealer. Follow the dealer’s instructions. Be attentive as well to their announcements. Tip the dealer if you think he was good enough. More importantly, understand the rules and the lingo to avoid slowing down of action.


Playing a roulette game is great with so many roulette variations to choose from. Innovative variations are found at online casinos. Betting limits are bigger and options are also there. Also, enhance your knowledge further about roulette by keeping the answers in mind for roulette game questions.

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