Roulette Etiquette

Roulette is a famous game among professional & amateur players alike. Casino-goers would crowd by the roulette table. This game is the same as other games that require the physical presence of people. Social interaction is taking place that roulette etiquette needs to be observed.

Roulette etiquette comes down to showing the same courtesy as in other social situations. It also boils down to having common sense. It makes sense to be fully aware of what is expected from you.

Roulette Etiquette 2

Observe Social Courtesy

The basic etiquette to follow is in observing social courtesy. Meaning to say, you must be sensitive about other people’s enjoyment. No one would like it watching a roulette game with someone else screaming at their ear. Be extra cautious in not stepping on other toes. The roulette etiquette requires you not to get caught up with excitement.

Avail the Color-coded & Special Chips

Another rule in roulette etiquette includes availing the color-coded & special chips. Every player that will participate at the table has his or her chips. And these should never be mingled with others. You have your chips since they might be mistaken as someone else’s. If your family or friends have their chips, it’s not advised to mix them in forming a bet. Be financially prepared as always. Remember you’re on your own when betting money on the roulette table.

Listen to the Dealer

It’s required listening to the dealer. You have one minute in placing your chips in betting. If the dealer says no more bets, don’t insist anymore on betting the chips. Just keep your hands off of them.

Be Careful of Your Treatment towards the Dealer

One more requirement in roulette etiquette is the treatment of the dealer. If you have been served in your bets the entire game, it’s up to you to give a tip or not to the dealer. If you’re on a winning streak, tips are expected from you. Give something extra if the dealer is explaining a few things. That’s also if he’s reaching out to your chips if you cannot reach them. Bear in mind that it is the casino that is earning big and is not the dealers. The dealers only get meager salary same as an average employee.

Do Not Touch the Chips between the Payout & Spin Time

If the dealer spins the roulette wheel with the ball stopping into a slot, a marker is placed by the dealer beside it. This way, he can pay the best to the winning player. In this sense, don’t touch the chips between the payout and spin time. Or else, you might be accused of cheating. You may be removed from the game and from the casino.

Know Your Bets

It’s always about timing. Plan it out before placing a bet. This ensures that not too much time is spent in thinking. While you have one minute in making wagers, your bets must be fixed right away. Don’t wait until the very last second being forced of tossing your chips fast. After casino chips have been exchanged, the roulette session can immediately be started.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

The croupier will spin the roulette table after placing a bet. You have to keep your hands to yourself. Avoid being in trouble by using sneaky tactics. These include adding chips or making new bets. The slightest move would always bring a change in the overall decision. Don’t play hastily. Compose yourself and make the roulette table an easier environment. This is true for fellow players & the croupier.

No for Past Posting

The hand of the croupier is a deciding factor when the bets can be placed. Make wagers after the ball rolled down completely. When the croupier waves his hand over the table saying no more bets, wait until the ball has landed in the pocket. The CCTVs and casino executives are placed all over. So, don’t mess with the timing of placing your bets.

Respect the Croupier

The dealer is the mediator between the roulette and the chips you have. Treat him with respect. It’s the croupier managing several jobs. He must be at peace in handing out winnings correctly.

The roulette dealers are permitted in taking bets. This is an opportunity to help the man in earning few pennies. Don’t get frustrated with him upon losing the bet. The croupier will run the table. It’s about your luck that your winning is based.

Drinking & Gambling Are Interrelated

Drinking & gambling are somehow interrelated in casinos. Most of the people are involved in casino drinking. The casino personnel are exempted from this. Spend judiciously in drinking while playing casino games or roulette. Drinking only impairs your judgment capabilities.

No casino has thrown out a drunk who just keeps on losing money. So, drink responsibly. Behave accordingly at the roulette table.

Don’t Take Your Frustration on the Croupier

Never take your frustration on the croupier upon losing a bet. It’s not the croupier that has got to do with your luck. If he is mistaken several times, tell him politely. For one, camera surveillance is present in the casino. This will help prevent misunderstandings. Plus, this will resolve issues a lot faster than creating a scene or shouting at the table.

Follow these etiquette rules so that you won’t have a problem with hitting the casino. It also includes being considerate and polite to other players. Be very careful in not blocking players that cover the center. Play nice. Avoid knocking over other chips of players. Don’t use bad language or be involved in aggression. These might only ruin the experience for everyone involved.

Show some respect to the dealer. If you feel generous, offer some small tips to the dealer every tenth spin. Have fun playing. Show respect at the table. The karma police may reward you on the wheel.

Value roulette etiquette when it comes to facing other roulette players. This is sure not to offend other people. It’s about being sensitive to other needs. It takes a little courtesy combined with little knowledge about the game. You allow yourself and also other people of taking pleasure beside the roulette table!

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