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How to Play Real-Time Live Baccarat

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Real-time live baccarat brings a world-class casino experience anywhere you are. As a sought-after casino game, baccarat remains a staple in any online casino with a live dealer.

Live baccarat has everything you see in land-based casinos, except that you won’t have to dress up. You get to experience the same action online with only your device and Internet connection as starting tools.

Let’s talk more about how to play real-time live baccarat, along with some betting strategies you may try.

Name Pics


How to Play Real-Time Live Baccarat

Baccarat is simple compared to other casino games that require heavy thinking. If you’re only watching it from the sides, you may feel it’s complicated.

But the truth is, players only have to make one decision on each round. That is where they’ll be placing their bets – banker, player, or tie.

You need to predict which side will get a score closest to 9. Or if both sides will come out with the same total, which is the tie.

You must also place your bets before the real-time live baccarat dealer starts handling cards.

Real-Time Live Baccarat Card Values to Remember

Remember the values each card holds. Ace is 1 and cards 2-9 offer as-is values. Ten, jack, queen, and king come with 0 value.

Add the values for the two cards on each side and you get the total. If the total is 10 or above, the result is based on the last digit. If the dealer has 9 and 5 for the cards, the total is 4.

Eight or 9 are considered natural and that means the hand is over. The dealer no longer deals cards, settles winning bets, and proceeds to the next hand or round.

Making Your Live Baccarat Strategy

Everyone wants to win, but there’s no single strategy or system to make this happen. Real-time live baccarat, as with any other casino game, is based on luck.

Results are random, but there are ways to stretch your budget, play longer, and get more chances of winning.

Don’t believe claims saying they have that one big plan so you can win in live baccarat. There’s no such thing. No strategy can guarantee a win.

Consider these real-time live baccarat betting strategies to stay in the game longer.

• Choose the lowest bet possible

You’ll see the minimum and maximum bet limit on screen and you can only wage an amount within those numbers. If the minimum, for example, is $1, consider betting $1 as well, so you can play for several rounds.

Stay on a single side

With baccarat, you’re free to switch sides anytime. But you may try sticking with either the banker or the player. Only change sides once you lose or on your next day of playing.

• Bet alternately

You may also choose to do the opposite and move to the other side for each round. For instance, you start placing bets on the banker, then switch to the player on the next, and then back again to the banker, and the cycle continues.

There’s no silly strategy because everyone’s making a prediction. You also don’t have to worry because the dealer doesn’t see your face or reaction. However, you can send chat messages and the dealer can see and read them in real-time.

Summing up

That’s it for the basics of real-time live baccarat (at least for this post). There’s more to learn and you’re bound to learn them best by actual plays.

Enjoy, choose a reliable site, and play responsibly.