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Have You Already Heard These Baccarat Secrets?

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If you’re a frequent casino player, you know how loved baccarat is. Whether land-based or online casinos, players flock to the table for a game of chance. There’s no beating that thrill when the dealer slowly bends the third card, and you pray it’ll work in your favor. 

For newbie players, baccarat may seem a mysterious and intriguing game. You might think it’s bound by complicated rules. But it isn’t.

Let’s talk about some baccarat secrets you might have not heard about.

Name Pics


Baccarat is a lot simpler than it looks

This is the first of the many baccarat secrets you’re bound to unravel as you learn to play.

Those sweat-inducing seconds may leave you confused, but the truth is there’s no complicated math involved in the game.

The goal is to predict which of the two sides – the banker or the player – will score closest to 9. If a hand totals 10 or above, the last digit shall be the score. That would be a 2 for 12 and a 5 for 15.

You must place your bet before the dealer starts handling cards. Depending on how the card results go, the dealer may or may not draw a third card.

If any of the sides score an 8 or 9, that’s a ‘natural’, an easy win. If the dealer has to draw a third card, the same rule applies. Add everything, and you get the total score.

You won’t have to stress whether the dealer should be drawing any more cards. There are no baccarat secrets to that.

The banker bet has a higher house edge

The numbers may seem overwhelming when you’re only starting. Is this system friendly to newbies? Well, it is.

Since the third card will only be drawn once the two cards for the player side have been revealed, the banker automatically comes with an advantage.

The house edge is slightly better on the banker’s side, so you might want to wage on it. But note that banker wins are charged a 5% commission to balance the difference.

If the player wins, you receive 1:1 pay. But if the banker wins, you get 95% of your bet. Let’s say it’s the small price you pay for sticking on the safer side of the baccarat secrets.

Skipping the tie is one of the many money-saving baccarat secrets

Baccarat enthusiasts will tell you that the tie has the worst odds. The win probability of a tie is significantly lower than that of the player and banker. You might be tempted as you can receive a 9 to 1 payout if the tie wins. But the chances of that happening is too slim, your bankroll may have already dried up before it does.

You’ve got to protect your budget. That’s one of the best baccarat secrets. So, avoid betting on a tie, because more often than not, it sucks.

The Biggest Baccarat Secrets Say the Money-Wise is the Real Winner

Think of baccarat as similar to flipping a coin, only more extravagant. Fate decides which side will win.

Each time you bet, you’re taking a leap of faith. You want the thrill, but you don’t want your pockets empty.

One of the most important baccarat secrets you’ll discover is that managing your emotion and budget will make you the real winner.

To make the most of your casino experience–something in the mold of Rolling Casino adventure–play baccarat with a plan. Superstitions won’t get you anywhere.