Facts That Might Surprise You About Blackjack

Blackjack is a game that is popular in Las Vegas casinos. It comes with fairly simple rules. It has one of the lowest house edges among the casino table games. And while some believe they knew blackjack already, many are still surprised by the things they do not know.

Here are the facts listed that might surprise you about Blackjack.

Some Blackjack Games Are Better Than Others

Blackjack games come with rules that differ from one casino to another. That’s the same from one table to another table in a casino. The differences in the rules have a minor effect on the math behind the game. Some also make a big difference.

For instance, casinos provide blackjack wherein a natural pays off at six to five rather than three to two. This small change adds 1.39 percent to the edge of the casino. What is natural is a two-card hand that totals 21. This is called blackjack which is hugely essential.

For a 6 to 5 payout on the hand, it’s like a bet of $100 will win $120. This is if he gets natural. In the standard game, a 3 to 2 payout on a $100 bet will win $150.

It’s Not Enough Using the Right Basic Strategy to Get An Edge

A perfect basic strategy is never enough to get an edge over the casino. But of course, the perfect strategy will reduce the house edge in blackjack. This is to the lowest possible number. The house will still have an edge. Another advantage tactic is needed to get a mathematical edge over the casino.

Blackjack is the Best Casino Game

Blackjack is impressive for offering mental stimulation. It’s about making decisions in the way you play your hands. You keep the house edge lower by making the right decisions.

It is the house edge that represents the advantage of the casino over you. For games like slot machines, they have a house edge of 10-percent. For Roulette, it has a house edge of 5.26 percent. For the best bets at the craps table, they have a house edge of 1.41 percent.

Learn more about playing blackjack properly. This way, you’ll face a game having a house edge of less than one percent.

The Basic Strategy is Just So Easy to Memorize

It may be too hard or too much trouble to learn the correct play in any blackjack situation. The thing is that the basic strategy is easier to memorize. You just have to use a color-coded chart. By being a visual learner, you learn the basic strategy in no time at all.

But if you learn in a different manner, you can find lots of posts on this site. Others also explain blackjack basic strategy as a paragraph series. This comes with rules for you to learn how to play each total.

Insurance is a Terrible Bet

You may take insurance if the dealer has an ace to show as her up card. This side bet is permitted in this situation. The amount is to be specific in this side bet. It should fall half the size of the original bet.

The insurance pays off at two to one if the dealer has a ten in the hole. Since your original bet is lost, the 2 to 1 payout on the insurance will break even. Still, this makes a negative expectation bet. There are not enough tens in the deck that will make the insurance a positive expectation wager.

You will know if the deck comes with a higher percentage if you count the cards. Insurance will be a +EV bet in this situation. It’s also a big clue to the casino that you are counting cards.

Other Players at the Table Do Not Know Exactly What They Are Doing

Blackjack is a game with a four-percent or five-percent edge for the casino? This is because most of the players do not know the basic strategy. While some of them know the basic strategy, they ignore it in favor of their hunches.

The Betting Systems Do Not Work in the Blackjack

Some players use betting systems that don’t actually work. For example, the Martingale System doubles your bet after a loss. You double the size of the bet until finally seeing a win. It underestimates the chances of a long losing streak. Plus, you need to make larger bets to recover your loss.

But chasing your losses might seem a bad idea. Some betting systems require lowering or raising your bets according to losses or wins on previous hands. Their goal is always the game. They’re only after capitalizing on a winning or losing streak.

This is somehow impossible since you cannot predict a losing or winning streak. You cannot tell when it begins or ends. But with card counting, it’s not a betting system. It is a legitimate strategy that gives you the advantage of the changing deck composition.

Money Won in Gambling is Taxable Income

You must realize that money won in gambling is taxable income. If you win a lot of money, you’ll be reported by the casino to the IRS. If you will be taxed on your blackjack winnings, you may also consider losses as expenses. It’s suggested that gamblers keep their records of gambling activities.

Home Blackjack Is Surprisingly Fun

A home blackjack is not very common. If you will host a home poker game, give it a try to see what others are thinking about it. The rules are different from the casino. One of the players can be a banker or a dealer. This alters the limits that can be played for.

The difference between home blackjack and casino blackjack is that the dealer in the home blackjack decides how he will play his hand. He won’t need to follow the instructions in the casino. This is true in how to play the various totals the same as the professional dealer.


The blackjack table is still the most popular in the American casinos. This is a great game with chances of winning for a player. The trick is to become a real expert at it. Make sure you keep these facts in mind before you try your luck.

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