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Are Baccarat Scoreboards a Waste of Time?

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Does the baccarat scoreboard reveal patterns that can help you win the game? Is reading it worth your time?

Let’s talk about this tool some players use to decide the flow of their wages and whether you should try doing the same.

Name Pics

What is a baccarat scoreboard?

A baccarat scoreboard shows wins and losses on the table. There are several methods for keeping scores. 

Some players are religious when it comes to it, believing it will help improve their game. Some even describe the cards as secret codes that allow them to spot trends and prevent losses.

What are the different methods for reading a scoreboard?

When you play online baccarat, you’ll notice the grids on the interface. These grids consist of circles, dots, and different colors, which can be confusing. They’re the baccarat scorecards or roads of baccarat, and these are some of the methods for reading them.

Bead Plate

This is the most common or the standard way of reading a baccarat scoreboard. It shows only the winning wages. Reading the grid starts from the topmost, left corner, down to the bottom, and to the next column to the right. The blue circle represents player wins, while the red circle stands for banker wins, and the green one denotes a tie. The small dots mean pairs.

Big Road

 The big road scoreboard is similar to the bead plate, only that you’ll see empty circles here. Circles are filled to indicate winnings. Wages of both sides, including losses, are recorded, allowing you to track the game more easily. Ties don’t get to have their own slot. Instead, they’re recorded on the previous win with a green diagonal line.

Big Eye Boy

This is where it can get overwhelming, especially for beginners. The big eye boy is no longer as straightforward as the bead plate and the big road. Forget about the two scoreboards. The color of the circle doesn’t refer to the player or the banker. Instead, it’s used to represent repetitive patterns. Blue is for an unpredictable shoe, while red is for a repetitive shoe. Avid players use this as a guide in deciding their next wages.

  •   If the hand starts a new column, compare the previous two columns. If the two columns have the same depth, you need to put in a red circle, but if not, add a blue circle.
  •   If the hand adds to the second column, look at the cell to the left of the latest entry, and the cell directly above it. If they’re identical, place a red cell. If they’re not, place a blue circle.
  • For this baccarat scoreboard, always look at the latest entry, check the cell on its left, and then go up a notch.

Should you keep track of a baccarat scoreboard?

Baccarat is a game of luck. You don’t have to crunch numbers to decide your next bet. But if you’re the type who loves to plan their every move, baccarat scorecards might interest you.

Discussed above are only 3 methods to read a baccarat scoreboard. If you’re a Rolling Casino player and enjoy learning new stuff, you’re probably going to search for the rest online.

Summing up

So, is keeping scores worth it? It depends on the type of player you are.

Baccarat can be just as fun or even more thrilling without looking at potential patterns. But for those on the superstitious side, you might feel the baccarat scoreboards are crucial for enhancing your online casino experience.